Haikou’s 'Level 1.5' enterprise port has attracted 108 companies

  Jiangdong Financial Bay - the first financial industry cluster in Hainan Free Trade Port - has welcomed 28 enterprises since its establishment in October 2021 through the “one-stop” service system of the 'Level 1.5' enterprise po......

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Shenzhou Peninsula: stunning early summer Phoenix flowers bloom

  Phoenix flowers bloom on both sides of Phoenix Road. Photo by CHEN WEIDONG.
  Wanning’s Shenzhou Peninsula is located in southeast Dong'ao Town, 28 kilometers from Wanning City in southeastern Hainan Province. ......

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Hainan launches major environmental project to protect biodiversity in coastal areas

  The government of Hainan has launched a large-scale project to protect biodiversity in the coastal area, Xinhua News Agency reported.
  According to the agency, the project involves restoring water bodies, cleaning river ......

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The 4th World New Energy Vehicle Congress

  Time: August 25-28
  Location: Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Haikou, Hainan

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Hainan's foreign trade growth rate in first 4 months ranks first in China

  [video:Hainan's foreign trade growth rate in first 4 months ranks first in China]

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2022 WNEVC scheduled to be held in Haikou from Aug. 25 to 28

  The 4th World New Energy Vehicle Congress (WNEVC) is scheduled to be held in Haikou, the capital of China’s Hainan Province, from August 25 to 28, 2022. The WNEVC focuses on the transformation and optimization of the global automob......

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China begins testing new crop varieties developed in Hainan

  Several regions in China started trials of new varieties of crops bred in Hainan breeding bases. This was reported by the Nanguo Metropolis Daily newspaper.
  More than 10 thousand seeds bred in NanFang Agricultural Scien......

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Yangpu Port's container cargo turnover up 47.9% from January to April

  Container cargo turnover of Yangpu port in Hainan in January - April this year exceeded 500 thousand TEU (standard 20-foot equivalent unit), up 47.9% over the same period in 2021, China Central Television reported.

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Fantastic beasts of Hainan: Haikou's key national protected wild birds

  (Graphic Designer: Fu Aihua)...

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Hainan’s Jan-Apr. trade valued at 59.84 billion RMB

  "In the first four months of this year, Hainan's international trade maintained good momentum and achieved satisfactory results. Hainan’s international trade continued to lead the country in terms of growth, and hit a new high in A......

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