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Hainan Free Trade Port: Project reports progress 100 days after blueprint

[video:Hainan Free Trade Port Project reports progress 100 days after blueprint]

Three months ago, China unveiled a plan to turn the southern island of Hainan into a major free trade port. And progress has already been made only 100 days into the initiative. Ning Hong reports.

This is a major expansion of Meilan International Airport, which serves Hainan's capital city, Haikou. A new terminal, a runway and new facilities for aviation services within a tariff-free zone. The runway and terminal are currently being evaluated, with the project expected to be completed by year's end. But it's already creating high hopes.

WANG ZHEN Chairman, Haikou Meilan International Airport "The airport's capacity directly reflects the level of the construction of the free trade port. The design capacity of Hainan's three major airports has reached a critical point. Therefore, to better support the free trade port, the construction of the airport is a very important step."

In June, China raise the annual quota of tax-free products in Hainan for each traveler from thirty thousand to a hundred thousand Yuan. This has led to booming duty-free sales in the third quarter.

NING HONG Haikou, Hainan Province "Improving basic infrastructure here is China's first step in building the new free trade port. It is not just for international travelers, but also for carriers to bring more airlines and air-routes to Hainan province."

Along with the announcement of the free trade port, Hainan will open its seventh freedom of the air plan, granting overseas air-carriers more freedom to operate on the island. To support an expected rise of airlines operating in Haikou, a new complex was constructed for aircraft maintenance.

WEN BIN Project Manager, HNA Tianjin Architectural Design "The project consist of hangers, spare part store and an engine overhaul facility. They are all build inside the tariff free zone, which could greatly reduce the cost of aircraft maintenance."

The airport will be the island's latest gateway, all part of Hainan's newest phase of development.


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