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Weather Forecast


  • GenreralHainan Island has a tropical monsoon marine climate. The basic characteristics are: no extreme heat in summer, no severe cold in winter, small annual temperature difference, and high average annual temperature.
  • SunshineHainan Island is located south of the Tropic of Cancer. The annual sunshine hours in most areas are more than 2000 hours, except for the central mountainous area, where there are more clouds, only about 1,750 hours, and the western and southern areas reaches 2400-2600 hours. The sunshine hours are generally the most in July, the least in February.
  • TemperatureThe annual average temperature in most areas of Hainan is between 22.5-25.6℃, the central mountain area is slightly lower than 23℃, and the southern and western regions are slightly higher than 25℃.
  • PrecipitationHainan Island is one of the regions with the most rainfall in the same latitude in the world. The water vapor source is abundant, the total amount of precipitation is large, and the spatial and temporal distribution is uneven.

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