Hainan Island in southernmost China is famous for its tourism resorts, pristine beaches, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.

Hainan Island is a shining pearl in South China Sea, and it is an internationally renowned tourist destination.

Although Hainan Island is more than 2,500 kilometers away from the northernmost city of China, distance doesn't prevent people from all over the country to visit for vacation and wedding photos. Located in the tropics area, Haikou has diverse tropical resources including rubber trees, palms, lychees, and mangoes.

How do the locals say hello in Hainan? It's Yanoda!

Wenchang Chicken takes its name from its “birthplace” – Wenchang City in Hainan Province.

Wuzhizhou Island’s beaches are fantastic, only surpassed by the colorful underwater offshore scenery, where tropical fish glide through vibrant coral reefs.

Jiaji duck, commonly referred to as “foreign duck” was introduced to Hainan by returning overseas Chinese.

West Island is shaped like a hawksbill turtle. It is the largest of a series of small islands located off of Sanya.

Because of its unique characteristics, Dongshan lamb does not have the muttony smell of its northern counterparts.

Featuring a 108 meter tall triple faced Guanyin statue, a large temple complex, vegetarian restaurants, a hotel, and extensive beautifully groomed grounds, Nanshan Temple Park is a Buddhist paradise.

Produced in the sea of Hainan, Hele Crab is fat, tasty and nutritious.

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