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Yanoda Tropical Rainforest Park



How do the locals say hello in Hainan? It's Yanoda! At this tropical rainforest park you can cross the romantic Rainbow Bridge and have your ears tugged by local minority girls, fly over the forest on the thrilling zip line, hike up waterfalls, and camp in tents in the rainforest!

Ranking: 5A

Hours: 7:30 AM – 6 PM

Ticket Price: 165 RMB / person (includes sightseeing bus)

(Other activities may require additional fees)

Phone: +86 400 0463 888 / +86 898 83883333

Location: Sandao Farm, Li and Miao Autonomous County 保亭黎族苗族自治县三道农场呀诺达热带雨林旅游区

Official Website: http://www.yanoda.com



Hainan Island is a shining pearl in South China Sea, and it is an internationally renowned tourist destination.

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